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Village of POWER

What We Do

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A Place of Hope and Healing

Village of POWER, a program of the Hill Health Center, provides substance abuse and life stabilization services to African American women who are at risk of HIV due to substance abuse. The Village combines recovery groups with life stabilization groups including employment readiness, medical wellness, psychiatric wellness, legal resolution, household management, spirituality, and parenting and emotions management groups.

How Does Sewing Support Recovery?

Sewing supports recovery through operationalizing the principles learned in recovery in sewing. Those principles include learning patience rather than seeking immediate gratification, developing concentration and focus rather than acting impulsively, following through with tasks rather avoiding tasks, seeking support of a team rather than isolating self from others, problem solving rather than masking problems with drugs, developing short and long term goals and in a paced manner meeting those goals rather than living for the moment, developing imagination and creativity internally rathre than relying on external stimulus of drugs for creativity, developing structure and effective time management rather than avoiding structure and accountability, developing conflict resoultion skills rather than reacting negatively or defensively, and coping with the stress of deadlines and tasks through use of stress mangement techniques rather than through self numbing or acting out. In addition the activity of creation is basically spiritual in nature and clients are surrounded by spiritual tapes, music and taught by a Minister, increasing their spirituality and sense of being connected to a higher power.

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